The 20th Century Through Historiographies and Textbooks: Chapters From Japan, East Asia, Slovenia and Southeast Europe


Nobuhiro Shiba; Žarko Lazarević, Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino; Kenta Suzuki; Luka Culiberg; Andrej Bekeš; Dragica Koljanin; Takuya Momma; Shinichi Ishida; Peter Vodopivec, Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino; Hiroshi Mitani; Yoshihiro Endo; Aleš Gabrič, Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino; Noboru Hirayama; Boštjan Bertalanič; Riko Shiba

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učbeniki, zgodovina, 20. stoletje, Japonska, Slovenija, zgodovinopisje

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This volume is a product of the four workshops we conducted as part of the Second Bilateral Joint Research Projects between Slovenia and Japan, which took place in Ljubljana and Tokyo from 2014 to 2016 with the financial support of the Slovenian Research Agency and Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). Our joint research was given the title “A Comparative Analysis of the 20th Century in Slovenia and Japan through Historiography and History Textbooks”.


  • Preface
    Nobuhiro Shiba, Žarko Lazarević
  • Some Thoughts on School, Education, History and Ideology
    Luka Culiberg
  • History Textbook Discourse from the Point of View of Writer-Reader Interaction
    Andrej Bekeš
  • The Function of History Textbooks for Primary Schools in A Building New Identity and Historical Consciousness in the Yugoslav State (1918–1941)
    Dragica Koljanin
  • Educational Policy as Propaganda for Youth in the Independent State of Croatia
    Takuya Momma
  • Territorial Disputes in Geography and History Textbooks
    Descriptions in East Asia and Southeastern Europe
    Shinichi Ishida
  • Slovene Historiography on the 20th Century
    Peter Vodopivec
  • A Japanese Historiography of Reconciliation Efforts with East Asian Neighbors
    Before and After the History Textbook Dispute in 2001
    Hiroshi Mitani
  • After the Civil War: Social Divisions and History
    Žarko Lazarević
  • Some Characteristics of the Research on the War in Croatia in Croatian and Serbian Literature
    Yoshihiro Endo
  • Slovenian Familiarization with Japan and the Japanese
    Aleš Gabrič
  • The Community of “Experience” and “Mood”
    Pilgrimage Tourism to Ise Jingu in the Early 20th century Japan
    Noboru Hirayama
  • Lt. Col. Yanagawa Heisuke and the Demarcation of Prekmurje
    A Japanese Account of the the Yugoslav-Hungarian Border Commission's Activities in 1921–1922
    Boštjan Bertalanič
  • Katerina Todorović (1877–1974)
    a Central European Pianist and the Japanese Reception of Western Music in the Early 20th Century
    Riko Shiba
  • A Professor of the Russian Language in Tokyo, Dušan Todorović and His Early Life
    An Introduction for Studying a ‘Marginal Man’
    Nobuhiro Shiba


January 3, 2018

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